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About Jonathan...

I've been a part of the Kansas City music scene here in KC since around 2003. From my time fronting a Black Sabbath cover band called Sabbath Disciples to my two current bands Into Existence and Burn the Gates, I've found a home on many stages in many venues all over the Kansas City area and a few regional stages from Topeka, KS to Tulsa, OK. 

I have been a fan and supporter of Burn the Gates for years and was as surprised as I was honored to be offered the job. I'm excited to share the stage with these guys and look forward to my future in Burn the Gates.


Shure BLX4R Wireless SM58 Mic

Influences: Pantera, Chimaira, DevilDriver, Fear Factory and Slipknot.

Currently Listening: Blackberry Smoke, Droid, Whiskey Meyers, and all podcasts from Bad Magic Productions. I'm always checking back in on my old favorites like Ozzy, AC/DC, Corrosion of Conformity, Clutch, Black Sabbath (I'm a Disciple till I die), Soulfly, Sepultura, Deftones and more. Cory Taylor said it best. "Dig what you dig, man." If I like it, I listen to it.

Jonathan Haslar - Burn the Gates

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