Burn the Gates

Burn the Gates is a hardcore metal band hailing from Kansas City. Comprised of locally-rooted veterans of the music scene, this band brings a wide variety of influences and backgrounds to the stage in order to create their own flavor of #KCmetal.

The result is hard-hitting, bludgeoning, heavy grooves that kick you in the chest and shred your eardrums. Integrated with gut-wrenching vocals which seamlessly blend an old-school approach with something new and fresh, the music is a treat for any metal fan.

Founded in late 2015, Jeff (guitar), Brandon (drums), and W2 (bass) connected and cultivated the initial energy of today’s Burn the Gates. The chemistry sparked immediately, and 2016 became a year of writing and finding a direction that would set the band apart. Soon thereafter, Carl (guitar) and Jesse (vocals) joined the band, adding layers of complexity and absolute brutality to the music. By 2017, Burn the Gates had solidified both their unique sound as a five-some and their place within the Kansas City metal community.

In 2018, Burn the Gates released two singles, “Virgo” and “Unconfined Hope”. Their first album, Blessed with this Curse, a full-length, thirteen-track powerhouse, debuted in its entirety on March 30, 2019.

The beginning of 2022 brought a new face and a new voice to the band. Jonathan Haslar, from Into Existence, joined the band and immediately jumped right in giving the band a renewed energy and excitement. We've been hard at work in the studio finalizing the next chapter due to be July 15th of 2022! This year we will be releasing a lot of new music, as we continue to push forward with focus!

If you like what you hear, give us a follow on social media. Be sure to check back frequently for show announcements, killer videos/photos, and available merch for purchase. We’ll also post updates regarding new music - currently, we’re working on a follow-up EP that’s proving to be some of our heaviest music to date.

Thank you for the support we continue to receive from everyone. Come to a show, say hi, and help us continue to, in the words of Grandma Barbara, “burn them gates”!


Burn the Gates is...