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About Carl...

Carl O (or Carl Ohhhhhhhhhh, if you're nasty) is a tried and true member of the Licking, Missouri metal community. Bored out of his skull in a one-stop town, Carl O decided to pick up the guitar and a Miller Lite at the ripe old age of four. He soon became a prodigy at opening pits and melting faces. When he mastered playing to gas station crowds of seven people (eight, if you count the weird dude who always hung out by the bathrooms), Carl O traversed to the "big city", which was actually just the next town over with the fancy Wal-Mart. He then headed to Kansas City, or, as everyone else calls it, the Hollywood of the Midwest. There, Carl O literally burst into the music scene, covering legions of his screaming female fans in guts and bile. It was pretty fuckin' awesome.

After playing with local bands with disappointingly low head-to-hat ratios, he joined Burn the Gates as a professional guitar shredder, which was unfortunately really hard on the shredder (Schecters definitely put up more of a fight than paper). But, soon, dive-bar stardom grew to trouble Carl O, and he decided to take a brief hiatus from Burn the Gates. As all young 'uns from Licking are wont to do, he wondered if metal was for him. Who was he? Was this band the right fit? And why does this wart hurt? After decades of self-exploration (now available on DVD at your local adult store), Carl O realized he belonged in metal. He *WAS* metal, which explained why he had a weird problem with magnets. But, most importantly, he realized his fellow bandmates were his brothers, and they loved him, warts and all. They welcomed Carl O and Tripod, his disabled amp cabinet, back into the fold and back into Brandon's basement (DVD coming soon) to forever rake and glide in metal.

All names were changed, that doesn't mean they are innocent.


Guitars: Schecter, Jackson, Epiphone, Amps/Cabs: Randall & Peavey, Pedals: Boss & Morley, Strings: Ernie Ball, Picks: InTune GP/Dunlop

Influences: Scotti Hill, Randy Rhoads, Dime, Joey Z, Rich Ward

Currently Listening: (Classics)Pantera, Life of Agony, Skid Row, Machine Head, Metallica (Lately)Podcasts, BillyBio, the Dead Daisies, Bad Wolves, Ghost, Halestorm

Carl O - Burn the Gates

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