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At an early age, my mom noticed my love for drums. My grandparents purchased my first Ludwig concert snare drum, and I started playing in middle school marching band. In high school, I played concert snare, marching snare, and quads. I then found a love for jazz band, probably due to the fact I was able to express myself more openly on the drum set. I was mostly self-taught but moved into reading music, which, in turn, helped me develop in band.

I have moved to several different styles of music throughout the years. I remember being in my mom and dad's car on long trips, listening to Kenny Rodgers, Oak Ridge Boys, and Alabama. Once I entered middle school, I was the product of the MTV era - U2, REM, and even the pop music that was playing on there at the time. My high school years is when my taste for music really changed. As my mom put it, "What in the Hell are you listening too?" Anthrax, Metallica, Slayer, Death, Napalm Death, Korn.... To this day, I still have an absolute love for heavier music. I am sure that love will continue even when I'm in a nursing home.

I'm excited for the future of my current band, Burn the Gates. I feel we have developed all of the elements of current and past heavy bands. It's kind of a throwback to "old-school" metal but with a newer edge. I hope that we will gain more and more fans, in addition to getting an opportunity to play larger venues


Mapex Saturn IV, AA Meinl, Promark, Evans, Shure, Soundbrenner, DW

Influences: Periphery, Tool, Monuments, Meshuggah, A Perfect Circle, Slayer, Anthrax

Currently Listening: Periphery, The Ocean, Monuments

Brandon Baxley - Burn the Gates

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